Whale Watch

So how can you describe a whale watch.... well imagine periods of looking at water followed by seconds of excitement and pure beauty. So check out the pictures and click on a picture for a larger view.


The first whale we ran across on the watch

As we started to look for more whales we ran across this rainbow

We found our next whale as he/she decided to breach, we managed to catch the last bit of the breach in the pictures below.

Then we followed this whale for a little while.

A little while later we ran across this mother and calf and followed them for a while.

We left these two and started to head back to the dock when we spotted these two whales playing together, and then we were able to catch one as he apparently began a deep dive and got a couple of pictures of the fluke.

Then off in the distance two whales were slapping and we got a few pictures of the slapping.

Below we had a dolphin who must have decided to try to play with the whales and got a glimpse of his/her tail near the whale.

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