Dole Plantation

After departing the cruise ship we rented a car for the day and headed to the Dole Plantation, to see how pineapples were grown. So how do they grow? If you have some questions about Pineapples the first picture below may answer some of them. Check out the pictures below and click on a picture for a larger view.

So you couldn't read the Japanese sign with the Q&A ok here it is in English.

They also had a very nice coy pond and all the beggar fish stayed really close to the edge, so much they even would come out of the water as seen in the pictures below.

Next we decided to try our luck at the Dole plantations maze, it is actually the worlds largest maze with 3.1 miles of trails. So here are the rules.

In the maze what was our goal... well it was to find the eight stations to mark our card before exiting, and below is what we were looking for.

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